Alors comment utiliser OpenVPN sous ChromeOS, de manière simple, grâce au fichier.ovpn récupéré via l’interface OpenVPN AS (dont je parle ici) ? Et bien, il faut que votre Chromebook soit ne mode développeur. Ensuite, faites CTRL + ALT + T pour accéder à la console. Et tapez la commande :

ChromeOS OpenVPN. OpenVPN Server Profiles. Download Here. Download our OpenVPN Server Profiles and extract the .ZIP file; On your Chrome Book, enter terminal mode. To do this press CTRL + ALT + T; You will be presented with a black screen. Type in “shell” (like below) Enter in the command sudo stop shill. Now type in the below command sudo start shill BLACKLISTED_DEVICES=tun0; Run the 13/07/2020 Go to Client Area > Config Generator in our web site, choose ChromeOS and other options. Download files: you need user certificate "user.p12" file and Openvpn connection ".onc" file. (If you download the ".zip" archive format that contains "user.p12" and ".onc" you must exctrat the archive to have the two files outside the archive as two single file on the system. OpenVPN is my preferred option, but it frequently doesn't work on Chrome OS because of conflicts with servers managed by VPN companies. If you decide to go this route in securing your Chromebook

OpenVPN on Chrome OS in easy to follow steps Connecting via OpenVPN protocol on ChromiumOS/Google Chrome is recommended for advanced users only. Reason for such recommendation is, because Chrome OS currently does not accept common certificates and keys. That means you can not connect using the ChromeOS GUI, like you would do with L2TP protocol.

Chrome OS probably updated openvpn to 2.4 after the blog post was written. This is probably because the ONC format doesn't need to be changed in order to use them (openvpn would treat them as certs/keys still, but can't treat tls-auth and tls-crypt keys the same) Like you said, the ovpn to onc converters online don't parse the tls-crypt contents. 30/03/2017 Install the files on chromeos. Open a the net-internals tab, and click Choose File under Import ONC file. If it succeeded, you will see VPN Disconnected in the settigns menu. If it failed, open the system tab, and expand Profile chrome_user_log

Set up a VPN on Chromebook manually (I'll show how to set up an OpenVPN connection). Let's get into it. Unsurprisingly, Google Chrome is a default browser  

OpenVPN 残念ながら現在のところ、安価な家庭向けルーターでの採用が多いPPTP(Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol)はサポートされていない。 Free VPN is a free VPN proxy that allows you to unblock websites and access every aspect of the web. Free VPN is UNLIMITED and is completely FREE for anyone to use. OpenVPN Setup Newer versions of Chrome OS are now compatible with Android APK files, you can also download apps from Google Play store. The VPNUK Android App currently has some compatibility issues with ChromeOS, so we recommend users install and use OpenVPN for Android by Arne Schwabe for the time being. через Chrome OS's native client – я следил за OpenVPN в документации ChromeOS (я импортировал CA и client), но при подключении я все время получаю запрос на OTP. Пожалуйста, порекомендуйте. Nos conseils Installer un VPN sur Chromebook